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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

First Milestone

Today I finally made $100 profit on Teachers Pay Teacher. Its been a while coming but I am glad to have made it because I am sure many give up before they achieve it.

I first signed up to sell in August 2013. That may seem like a long time to get to $100 but there are many reasons for it. My hope in sharing these reasons with you is that you will hit this milestone quicker if you decide/have decided to sell.
August is the end of the American Teacher's holidays so most are already going to have their things ready to go for the new school year. To start selling at that time of the year with classroom display items isn't going to get you much business. The first few things I put up were job charts and simple posters. I sold a few to the last minute teachers but had missed the boat.
So wrong time of the year plus wrong products meant minimal sales and a large decrease in my motivation to make more products.
Fast forward to January and I slowly got back into it and over the month I added some more products. Steady sales started coming in. My products are cheaper then what most charge as I can only justify charging what I myself would pay and I am a stooge!

So tips for people just starting:

  • Don't start your store in late August and expect sales that will motivate you.
  • Spend time making and uploading products that will sell at the time of the year you start in i.e. classroom displays in May/June, Christmas stuff in November etc. 
  • Be proud of when you do make a sale- no matter how small.
  • Read lots of the posts on the sellers forum-there is a wealth of knowledge there!
  • If you want to see a good increase in sales build up 20 (timely) resources (I only just hit 20). Make at least 5 of them freebies that will get people's attention. I found a strength in making free bulletin borders.
  • Become familiar with your dashboard and especially your statistics. Even if you aren't getting sales the statistics will show you if people are viewing your products and let you know if your freebies are getting downloaded.
I will post more tips soon. For now, check out my store as I am currently having a 10% off sale. (Ends 12/4/14)
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