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Monday, 27 April 2015

Mental Maths Sorting Strips

At the beginning of this term I did a blog post on my new approach to mental maths. Inspired by all the 'Number of the Day' posters that were popping up on Pinterest I did up my own. You can read my original blog post here: Number Crunch

The trial is over and the verdict is.....we all loved it.
Students were engaged and motivated. Their mental maths scores improved each week even when the questions got harder. They continually practiced learnt skills from the classroom. I especially loved that students could come in from recess and instantly get started on the task.

I like to mix it up and so this term I will be trialing yet another mental maths activity. This was inspired by classroomdiy who used pop sticks in a mental maths sorting activity. 

It has 50 mental math sorts, each containing 15 strips. That's enough for one per student, everyday for an entire term!

Each set of 10 sorts contain the same question types. Each set of 10 sorts get progressively harder.

Students are given a sort and must find the strip with start written on it. They then read the first question and find the next strip that has the answer on it. You may wish to time how long it takes the students to do each sort for extra challenge or motivation.

Print, laminate and cut the strips so that each strip contains an answer and a question. Store each sort with an elastic band or in a zip lock bag. Each sort is a different colour and/or background so if any of the pieces go wandering it should be easy to find which set it belongs to. 

Print two or four to a page to act as answer keys for students to mark their own work.

Suitable for grades 2 through 4.
P.S It's half price for the first 48 hours so get in quick!