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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mother's Day

To be honest I usually don't do anything in my class for Mother's Day. I either forget about it or worry that I will forget about Father's Day and then that's not very fair. It usually involves some sort of expensive craft activity that has little educational value that Mother's will inevitably throw out.
This year I made several resources so that Mother's day could be a week long theme that had educational value.

First off is an I Love You Flower. Students write down similes for how much they love their mothers e.g. I love you like a bee loves honey. It can also be used for teaching prodigy with students mentioning how much female animals love their offspring e.g. like a doe loves its fawn.

Next is a coupon book. I don't see the point in the ones that are pre written and all the students do is colour. Get your students to come up with ideas and write complete sentences.

Why should all the lovely things kids create go straight home? Decorate your classroom with 'All About My Mum' bunting for when the mothers come into your room.

Revise procedural writing with a made up Perfect Mother Recipe. A very cute gift for Mum.
Sometimes you need early finisher activities and a word search and acrostic poem are perfect for this. 

All these activities are available for sale or you can make up your own proforma's. Follow the links below to your favourite teachers resource site. My package includes both Australian and America Spelling of Mum.