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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Persuasive Writing Unit-NAPLAN Prep

So in less then a week I go back to school! While this year is my third in grade three and I really feel like I have a good handle on the grade and a large supply of resources it will be unlike any year of my teaching career so far.

You see, I will having my first child sometime after NAPLAN this year, taking the shortest maternity leave I can (aiming at three weeks!!) and then will spend the rest of the year with a newborn in my house.

So before I go back to school I want to have as much of the term planned out as I can so I can make this term as easy on me as possible and allow for the planning of term 2. I'm terrified of going on maternity leave and coming back to a class that hasn't progressed while I was away so I want to leave detailed plans for during my absence (no, I don't  have to but I am very dedicated to my students education).
So that brings me to the first completed package for this term-

Persuasive Writing Unit.

The package is a complete 10 week unit on persuasive writing (exposition writing). It includes a planner based on ACARA curriculum that features a variety of interesting teaching strategies and the worksheets and posters to go with each lesson.
The planner was written for year 3's but is easily adjustable for using in year 4 and 5 classrooms. 
At just over three pages the planner features five to six steps for each lesson, keeping it simple and succinct. Teachers need to use their own skill to ensure the lesson remains explicit and teaching oppurtunities are not missed.  
The file has been zipped so please make sure you have a program that can open the file after downloading.
I have trialled this unit for the last two years and have achieved excellent results whilst providing education and enjoyable lessons to the students.
Download link: http://www.teachersmarketplace.com.au/browse/resource/?cid=6948&searchstring=q%3Dpersuasive%2Bwriting%26resourceid%3D%26subjectid%3D