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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Storage in the Classroom

Finding a system to organise all your teacher resources can be tricky. Trust me though, when you finally find the right system- everything becomes easier!

I trialed many different ways of storing games but this is by far the easiest to keep organised. This is a special tub for file dividers- it has grooves along the side to hold them in properly. I label each divider and then place each game inside in a zip lock bag. Some of the bags get pretty thick but the file dividers are able to cater for that. These tubs also come with very sturdy lids so you can pile them high! Sometimes I take out particular games, other times I take out whole files. TIP: Sticky tape the labels in place so they don't fall out!

Fold-able storage boxes are great for lighter items. Have a couple of them flat packed in the cupboard and pull them out as needed. I like them for storing paper offcuts (scrap box) and recyclable resources.

Containers are fantastic in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I love little ones to store knickknacks. Here are some storing my guided reading resources. Click here to read my post on guided reading.

For my weekly resources I use these wheelie draws. Each one is labeled with a subject. I used to have a concertina file with each day of the week labeled but I found that difficult on the weeks where I was prepared more then a week in advance and booklets are too big for them. I use the bottom few draws for certificates, student notes and original sheets to come home and be filed.

I use the hanging canvas pockets for notes and work to be sent home and work needing to be finished. My brother made these for me.

I stole the next idea off of a fellow teacher and wanted it in my classroom simply because of how pretty it looks! This is just a clear set of draws that I keep A4 paper in. 

For A3 paper I used the box some A3 Blank paper came in and I pushed in one of the sides so I can see the colour choice at a glance. I just lift up the paper to pull out a particular piece.

It wasn't until a few years after I started teaching that I finally got all my paper resources out of big piles and organised.  I have lever arch files for my general subject areas. I made up labels and have the files colour coded according to the colour ACARA has assigned the subjects.

Inside the files I use A4 sleeves. Some sleeves contain multiple sheets and some only contain one. It depends on how similar the sheets are and my likelihood of using them.  I use sticky tab labels down the side to section each lever arch out more. Unit plans are really easy to lift out and put into my planning files at school.

I use display files for my theme resources so I can just take a single display file into school when we change topics. 

I hope you found some helpful organisation ideas! Good luck organising!

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