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Wednesday 26 March 2014

No Fuss Calendar!

I always liked the idea of having a class calendar but the upkeep of it always seemed to result in the calendar staying on the same date for months. I have a job chart in my class and someone assigned to update the calendar but as a lower primary teacher the students would either forget to update the calendar (at an appropriate time) or would take forever going through the cards to find the replacements- even if I put them all into order and wrapped them neatly in an elastic band.

Now I could take the responsibility away from the kids and do it myself but then you have to ask yourself what is the point of having a calendar?

Enter my new and improved calendar! All the cards have been hole punched and attached together with a hinged metal ring. This means no loose pieces, always in order and easy to update at a drop of a hat. I have the metal rings handing on large pins in the wall but you could also use strong magnets on a white board or sticky hooks on a wall. When printed on A4 the cards are largest for students to copy the date off of for their work.

Its not hard to make your own but you can download my rainbow edition at Teacherspayteacher.
Included in the package is:

date, month (words and numbers form), day and year (2014 & 2015) printable cards to allow you to make a displayable flip calendar. 

Also included are 8 weather cards for those that like to include this with their calendar.

Alternatively use the months and days for a word wall display.

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